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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here Comes the Sun.....

"Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun I say it's ALRIGHT...."

This past Friday I came home to such dark rain and snow falling all around my big beautiful back yard. Suddenly I began to cry, (I do this quite a bit right now for there are so many sad things on my mind...) My best friend's father is dying from cancer, a good friend of mine has cancer battles of her own......and of course my mother is in her own recovery time. Along with my own high strong and stressed out family members while dealing with all these new things in my mother...I can't help but worry about them so much. I have a close cousin in and out the hospital too. My list of things filling up my heart is long and so I simply can't hold back my tears anymore! It is a new raw pain in my soul that I want to help but I can't, the only thing is to let my tears fall and offer a hug. I guess I know that when we are sad we shouldn't hold it back, we need to clean out our soul and mind with these tears. When we live in moments of  love or laughter we need to embrace those fully! It helps to be a balanced person when the world goes slanting around us, So I came home from the park with my dogs as the sun came out of the dark gray clouds.....I saw the most amazingly beautiful sky! I ran out into my fenced in yard dancing as the rain was still falling! The sun light was warm and full shinning through the rain drops, I looked up to a clear blue sky I wonder where these rain drops came from it was all so magical! The dogs watched me from our covered patio, THEY were not gong to get wet. I caught my breath suddenly I was actually IN a rainbow in my own yard.......the words to describe this can't do it justice! I was given a gift in this moment of my life. I knew it as my tears rolled with the rain and my smile faced the wide open sky, I always wanted be a rainbow and now suddenly I was! Suddenly I was laughing happily and truly thankful for such wonder!

"Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun I say it's ALRIGHT...."

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