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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The New Cook!

I love homemaking! I love my cozy living room with lit candles and fresh flowers...I like to keep a spotless kitchen even when I am cooking...or I should say struggling to do these dishes correctly. Cooking takes a skill I don't possess BUT I am trying, I am learning to cook with the timing and patience that is needed for yummy cozy comforts foods! 
Soooooooo TODAY I am the new cook as I woke up excitedly ready for Thanksgiving this Thursday! I made ham hock slowing cooking collard greens with chopped bacon, Pumpkin soup with ginger, I made a Brussels sprout Cole slaw! (the slaw has crunchy bacon too)
What would I do without BACON!?!? Can't imagine it!
I baked salmon and more bacon, simply for lunch.....I am getting into such a groove today of cooking that I am excited to do this all over again tomorrow! I need a cooked apple dish and cream spinach salad for Thanksgiving night! 
THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR for people like ME who are true FOODIES!!!
(I will also be baking 2 fruit pies and pumpkin muffins for my momma, as we will swing out to the farm to see her with the rest of my family) My life is improving with my desire to cook and NOT just stick to baking like I am use to....I am feeling healthy and excited to eat these fun holiday dishes with no limits! (It is about eating right all the rest of the year so that on Turkey day and Christmas you can indulge into the wonderful world of sugary, floury foods....Although I will be careful now that I know my body thinks of those things to be poisonous!   Hahaha Go Paleo People!)
How wonderful, how perfect to fill my home up with aromas of the holidays in these next few days! I am proud to say that I am NOT a horrible cook like I use to be...instead the radio plays as I ZEN out over the stove happy to be alive!  I am thankful for so much!

Happy Cooking this week EVERYONE!

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