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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Symbolic Water

She grew up on my elbow, she use to hide behind my back when startled. Her thumb was always in her mouth as she looked around worriedly at me. I was her big sister but she soon past me in maturity, in realizing she was DONE with being afraid all the time. We played together, we rode our bikes or hid outside when our parents were fighting. We tried to protect each or tried to not be the one on the side of that burning leather belt. We cried as the other was beaten or screamed at. We were sisters in a crazy world, we would scream at each other and fight while being just kids or we would sit side by side calmly realizing how different we were always going to be. Sometime it felt like no one saw us as opposite as we were. They dressed us to look exactly alike, they bought us the very same gifts in a different color and we were always trying to be our own self while being told that we can't go anywhere with out the other. I was thinking about her my only sister, Dana. I thought about these memories as she stood before me a grown woman with 2 small children of her own while she gave her testimony, I felt proud. She began to cry as she shared how much she loved her husband Phil, how she wants the very best for her kids, A small blonde hair daughter named La Rae and her baby boy Wyatt. I sat there listening with love and pride for how beautiful my sister's life had become. Here she was in her cream colored sweater pouring her heart out about what is important to her and how she wanted to honor God. My sister went through a time just like me where we discussed if there was ever even a God to begin with? Now on this night where Dana was being baptized into their Mormon church, I didn't care that I was her only family member there, I only cared that I didn't miss this event in her life. It had been years since I had seen her get so tearful as she talked up in front of us all and as that symbolic water rolled over her I smiled big and brightly for the joy that my sister has found her own faith! Now I wouldn't want to be a Mormon myself, or anything religious actually.......But seeing my sister become part of a church, become part of a faith that comforts her and gives her strength made me feel honored to witness it.

"I am so sick of dressing the same!" Dana exclaimed to me as I looked surprised. I chuckled agreeing knowing this was NOT our choice. Since our mother dressed us into our teenaged years we really got sick of looking like twins, Especially when there was a very important amount of 15 months difference in our ages. "I MEAN IT! I am DONE with these clothes!" Dana was now 13 years old and the quick fire in her eyes reminded me of our father. I giggled nervously now knowing the battle was going to happen when our mother came to lay our clothes out for church. Perhaps I would be luckily to NOT be there when THAT happens. I decided to flare my nose for it always grossed my sister out, it was a great distraction to her venting. Dana caught my flaring and cringed "OH GROSS! Stop that! You look like a pig face with flared nostrils! I said STOP oh gross! gross! gross! you are such a freak!" She tossed a pillow at my face as I burst out laughing!

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