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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Guardians of Being

My mother-in-law Jo Anne gave me a wonderful book for my birthday last year and I truly LOVE it! It is a calm comic book full of my favorite cartoon characters, Earl and Mooch from the famous Mutts. 
I have my own small dogs and clever cat to relate very well with
these funny comic strips!
Getting this book has been one of my most favorite books to share with company or relax thinking over the pages that the words of wisdom are just as important as the pictures, how even a page of no words says it all! There is my most favorite page that reminds me of my vacation spot in Cannon Beach Oregon. Reminding me of how being there with my fuzzy dog Oscar, well it's like hitting the pause button on our lives! For our minds become clear or chaos of the world truly stops. We simply exist in those moments together, perfectly happy on the beach.....We become the Guardians of being without even realizing it! Oscar and I will return to the coast line one day again (now taking along Sweet Sidda Girl with us too) We will walk beside each other or run miles apart for that ball or Frisbee, in the moving waves or on the wet hard sand. In the cold rainy mornings or windy crisp evenings we will greet once again the ocean with a big smile (or waging tails) and sit together, stay together................................just BE together!

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