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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Baking Queen

I use to pride myself on being the baker in my home. In the last few months I have struggled with my identity in homemaking! How can I bake without any fine flour or sugar? In our new education and life style this Paleo path has saved our lives and lowered our weight in amazing amounts! My husband discovered this understanding about foods like whole grains, oatmeal and flours that are killing us slowly. With Simple facts like sugar is poison, that any and all artificial flavoring, additives or engineered proteins can cause cancer. My Husband started the first of this year with an overwhelming discovery about all the vitamins a body needs. He went on a journey in health books of all types. I benefited by his discoveries and experiments. I was skeptical at first because giving up our beloved bread ESPECIALLY  when I got so good at baking it with that golden crispy crust! And I grew up on these buttery pie crust that melted in my mouth, along with my mother's daily apple dumplings and big heavy rich apple crisps (full of the worse kind of fat for you (Crisco) and those light oils which are truly unnatural...)  I didn't know how to be a baker anymore without my usual baking list of ingredients....
The result of having lost so much weight and feeling better then I could ever imagine is worth no more bread! It really is!  (well maybe for a holiday I will enjoy some breads or a sugary thing again? Once a year won't kill me nor allow cancer to grow in my body fat....) I feel like I am FREE from all things unhealthy! I am not in this roller coaster mood or fast energy swings. I don't hurt in the mornings like I use to in waking up and needing to eat in first 30 minuets or my stomach became on fire! I was all about eating every veggie or fruit, yet I still grew out in my hips? I was active and tried to stay faithful to a gym membership with such heavy lifting or constant sweating...yet I never lost a pound!?! I thought my daily mornings with oatmeal would setup my body in the best way to use the fiber and burn the extra fats.....Little did I know that my oatmeal made more sugar slowly never allowing my stored fats to burn. For 14 months every single day I ate a bowl of oatmeal usually plain or with butter then a simple cup of coffee or latte. 14 months I counted the days thinking soon I would be thinner and healthier.....I  looked the same by the end of that time as when I ate breakfast sandwiches every working day at my Starbuck job! How could this be? I baked endless amount of bran muffins and only bought the heavy grains for my breads, I did the wild rice, brown rice and whole wheat pastas and even bought the highest quality in our pastries! My husband and I were very busy both working in our first 7 years of marriage so eating out was easy and eating everything as known "Foodies" we tried all kinds of new places, new things and even got way into sushi in hopes to loose some weight with less red meats....IRONIC! I think it is amazing how ironically we looked in the wrong places for answers in being healthier! Then on one amazing summer afternoon we went to the movies to see the documentary "Food Inc.", We began our local meat quest and all our new discussions on being wise in honoring the food source around us! We were inspired and heard the calling to go local, to get healthy and be wise in our connection to this earth! Then one new years eve we watched another documentary called  "Foodmatters"  It changed our lives, I was drinking all kinds of juices and downing a wheat grass shot every morning instead of coffee! My husband took that documentary even further in his vitamin research loosing 65 pounds since January 1, 2011 to this very date! I am very proud of him for not giving up, for understanding how to use vitamin and in case we need to fight against cancer without poisoning ourselves, how to be active but not to hard where as your joints will brake down in your older age if you push to hard now as a young person, be very careful....This is Fascinating! My healthy life is extremely fascinating to me!!! (I guess I am not use to it yet that is why I can't put enough exclamations marks on here !!!!!!!) When we watched an even greater documentary on nutrition, on eating the right kinds of fats and meats called "Fathead"  it FOREVER changed our lives for the good! This Paleo life style took over even though I did protested that I needed my oatmeal or a blueberry scone now and again, what a joke hahahaha like I said I was very skeptical. Now I was always talking about being healthy in this last decade of my life since I was 20 to 32 I talk about being healthy all at the same time while holding my hot mocha coffee cup in my hand?!? Oooops I guess I didn't know sugar was killing me at the very same time as I told people stop smoking and get outside for a long walk. I walked for miles every morning with my dog and ran until I was out of breath even. Yet I remained a big flabby woman? hmmm what isn't working here I wondered all the time?!?! When I got married I was a size 18 or maybe closer to a size 20, when I was a kid my baby fat never disappeared, as a teenager I had rolls of tummy fat and huge arms then as an adult I carried a triple chin line in most winter months! Being fat doesn't scare me since I discovered how to simply love the skin I was in no matter what it looked like! However I am in a size 12 right now and that is quickly shrinking too! How inspiring my new paloe path has become for me personally! From now on my life will be truly FUN, (I can be a new paleo baker I have discovered as well!) I am not writing this to tell you the reader how to eat or live BUT I am excited to have found what works for me from the INSIDE OUT! 


  1. Wow. Very proud of the two of you. Keep up the good example in your eating.

  2. Thanks Jason! It has been interesting learning about paleo and the best way to find out if it works is by trying....I never thought I would have this much energy which brings about a playful life! Oh and I just put on my jean shorts today that I wore when I was 20 (yes I saved them to remember that summer of '99 forever, crazy I know) and the shorts fit better NOW then back then?!?