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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Paperbag Princess

My mother found this book while shopping when I was a 15 year old girl, while laughing so much she handed it to me saying she was going to buy it. I was surprised for we had spent many long hours in book stores before with all kinds of good books but my mother wasn't one to just buy something she liked. I was confused as I took this colorful looking children's book in my hands. It was entitled "The  Paper Bag Princess"by Robert N. Munsch, I read it quickly then looked at my mother questioningly as she was still chuckling over it. I asked "Why is it so funny? She gives up everything she owns to save the prince and he is a total jerk? How is that funny?" I was concerned and not sure if I liked this book at all. My Mom explained showing me the last part of the book again, I remember leaning into my mother so we both could re-read that last few pages together. Mom said "The Prince is most defiantly a jerk to her and that is when she realizes she doesn't NEED him in her life after all! It is actually very clever to show how she goes to all that trouble to save him from the dragon only to see he is a spoiled brat and so she is far better off knowing that now then later....I think it's such a good story!" I chuckled along with my mother as it made better sense to me after she had explained it. I kept reading this story over and over again thinking that I was going to be just like this Paper bag Princess, for she made me very proud in not putting up with rude bossy spoiled men in her life:-D

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