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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home for the holidays

It was a very busy Thanksgiving but it was the fun kind of working and traveling, We were treated to a delightful dinner at my Aunt Sonja ad Uncle Dan's home, It's the same place of my grandparents. Visiting them was like stepping back in time but also seeing how good everything is going towards the future! I love their grown kids and now the youngest in college the others are married with sweet spouses, I adore their closeness and true friendships...I see in them a family growing and embracing each other. Having thanksgiving was cozy with all the yummy good foods, with their kindness. We sat at a long table through out the whole family/dinning room. The fall decor was so classy,(I loved it of course) the conversations were delightful and the activities of dishing up were clever in our seating. My sister was able to serve her 3 small kids while siting close to our mother. We were all very happy to see Mom and make sure she was comfortable. My four brothers all wore nice green dress shirts and it reminded me of how much they have all grown up over this tragic summer. My husband enjoyed all the conversations so much that he didn't want to race off, I liked seeing this peacefulness in my family gathering. Mom is doing so good in all of her therapies and she walks with support more regularly. The moment she saw me as I bent down into her lap from her chair, was that she said "Where have YOU been...we are suppose to go shopping!" I smiled very knowingly for she likes to get out and about. It is something just simple like taking a drive in the car that brings a smile to her sweet face....So tomorrow I go out to the Farm again, I go to take her shopping and see all her happiness as she will relax in her wheel chair out and about in the world around her! 
I am so thankful for her brother, my Uncle Dan and his wife my Aunt Sonja for hosting this year's thanksgiving! It was truly all so very beautiful!

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