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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankfulness makes an easy List

It is easy for me to write lists on things to do, books to read and foods to purchase. I think for Thanksgiving the best part of this holiday is making the Thankfulness list....LIFE moves forward all the time and can get very busy if not very distracting. So when we stop to relax with family and friends, when we eat foods that we love and enjoy on turkey day, the most important list we can write reminds us how to be thankful. There are many fun ways to do this list, it is actually the easiest list you will ever write! Being thankful, being aware and grateful is a great way to welcome in the holiday season and the new year. Make your list right now before the day gets in the way, simply give thanks for who you are and all you have! I am thankful for you the reader, I am Thankful for this blog in that I can share and write of all the love that surrounds me!
Give thanks my own list;
I am thankful for......
my warm cozy home
my sweet loving husband
my supportive in-laws
my extended family
my good friends
my nice nieghbors
my cuddling pets
my fun backyard
my trustworthy car
my endless hobbies
my writing
my song birds in this morning feeder outside
my colorful clothes
my books waiting for me to just read every night soon...
my new cooking skills
my healthy expanding education on nutrition
my desire to garden
my desire to simply live life in love 

I am also thankful for all the seasons, the ever changing weather and the sun. I am thankful for the ability to dance under the sparkling stars and to sing along with music!
I am thankful for each day no matter what it brings.....

Last but not least.... I am thankful for my mother, that she is here with all of us in her wheel chair full of spunk and beauty!

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