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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Today I have been simply lazy, I drank a whole french press on my own and listened to the radio share about 
"Black Friday".
There is ALL kinds of crazy braking free on this best shopping night of the whole year.....It makes for the best radio drama and stories too! Be careful, always be very careful out there shopping....for it's not as harmless as it may seem! This afternoon I drove towards the mall only to get stuck in traffic when a good friend called me on my cell phone warning not to go any where NEAR the mall, I felt really stupid OF COURSE I knew this....somehow I thought since the sales started at midnight everyone would be done shopping and I could run a few errands, HA! Ooops the roads told another story of such big crowds and traffic jams! When I quickly took a detour I was able to get out of the whole mess, then I saw miles of cars all around is something to behold! And every year on this day I still think to myself "That is amazing! I have never seen so many cars at the mall like that!" AND every year I happily go home and tuck myself away with baileys and coffee.
BE SAFE on Black Friday Everyone!

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