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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Work-a-holic

I was glad to walk out of the hospital with one of my father's co-workers, She was very friendly and out going. While we rode down the elevators. She shared "Your father is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He comes to the job sight at all hours of the day and stays until the job is done." I smiled warmly at this woman that I admired. I looked forward to seeing her visit the hospital because she took Dad away to talk work stuff. He always came back looking relaxed and less worried. When it comes to my father his peace of mind is within the walls of his job. There is nothing else that can give him that confidence and comfort. I understand this, I have ALWAYS understood this about my father. I was 20 years old when I learned about the term "Work-a-holic". I had thought back then that truly my father will never retired for working is in his blood. I walked giving this lady a big hug and thanking her for her insight to my father. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she said "He is a really thoughtful man, he will do anything for the client, the customer. He makes sure they are taken care of first and no matter what! I think that says so much about how kind he is, it is easy to know where you stand with him too. But I really wanted to let you know what he is like in his job." I replied "Thank you so much for sharing, it means a lot to me know he is like that. All of this here at the hospital and all of this with his family is what is hard on him, for he can't control a single thing... so it's good you are here and he has his job to help him out." I drove home sadly realizing that being working hard wasn't even on my list of qualities that make a good person. I think I come from a different generation whose parents were hard working and simply gone from our lives. At what cost does money come into our lives? At what lost do we think we win with money? I don't think we should all be lazy, what I am saying there is a balancing act. Give work a place but never loose out on your relationships. My father has been a work-a-holic my whole life, if I left it unguarded in my own self I would be one too! For nothing is as peaceful or comforting as being in your job, things you know and can do away from dealing with family members, emotions or childhood memories. You feel free while working with a sense of being important and being needed by your job. I can relate with my father and understand this.....
Suddenly one day you get that phone call that brings you to your knees........Then you look around realizing the years have gone and your children have grown up, they don't even know you,  all the while you were just at work?

My sister smiled at me when I asked where Dad was, once I reach the hospital wing that our mother was in. She replied "He is in a meeting with his he will be in a good mood when he comes back, it's so great for him to get back to work again and still be here for Mom." I nodded thinking that my father must have a really nice boss willing to meet with him in the hospital waiting room. I thought about how maybe being a work-a-holic is in it's self really good therapy for my father. I sometimes wish life was that simple, like punching in and out on a time card, for it gets to be so overwhelming with all these connections to everything and everyone all the time, going to a job is the actually easiest part of life.

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