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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Tree of Life

Father, Mother, always you wrestle inside me, always you will.

I loved this movie for so many reasons! One was the inspirational images, and the message of  how we can choose to live our lives with grace, or with such anger. Also in how we can easily hurt or protect each other. For quickly we all grow up, and we carrying the things our parents say or do along side ourselves, we can end up in a deep struggle because of this. I loved how in this film the connections to the energy of earth, of the ocean and even the sand shows images of what is happening as we live, how this energy is connecting all of us! This movie captured the personalities of my parents, I was amazed by that! Their struggles of fear when they wanted respect. The simple moments at home or the angry words spiting out suddenly. Most importantly the wonder of love when no one knew what that actually was......I related to the kids not fitting in nor ever wanting to go home. I have lived through the same craziness at the dinner table, seen my mother smile then fall into tears and I know this kind of anger, this kind of fear in manipulation....How many times did I hear my parents ask me if I loved them or told me how I SHOULD love them????
 AND I do, I always will. 
BUT love isn't following in step, in line with the rules or expectations. Their love is full of guarded behavior, of being a certain way and showing respect towards that list of rules. In this movie its shows how Love is apart of grace, with compassion reaching beyond the human failures. That is why I admire this story so much, I carry the weird story reminding me I am not alone in how I was raised. It's flashes of time, of history of family growing up and the world moving at the same time. It's a very powerful film that needs you full attention while watching. I couldn't get enough of the nature scenes with matching music, I could cry enough tears when the child finally hugs his brother. I wonder at it all....How does the sun burn and move? What is it that we are looking at under the water? How could we miss so many little things happening ALL around us at the same time we live our busy schedules? Who are we as humans to display our ego or sense of self when we are all apart of the same unknown connections? Are we here to simply smile at each other, to hold the world in our arms when we can? or learn to live in grace? Is it so important after all what our Mother and Father did to us or say about us? Will we believe them or brake free from such things? God doesn't begin or end in the pages of a book, no human is perfect and not everyone can catch a butterfly by the hand but when you do....when you see the world's beauty from it's wings you will know that love will always win....Life will always cycle us through and what we do with that time is up to us.....
Nothing last forever, Only our souls, they never stops moving on......

(The coast line scene in the movie made me smile through all the powerful tears I held.)

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