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Monday, November 28, 2011

The magical moment!

It is possible to spend 4 hours at the Festival of Trees, I did it without  any second thought! I saw every detail, read every card about who decorated and who donated these beautiful trees, wreaths and decor. I walked along with my pumpkin pie latte watching each performance of the music box dancers. I felt excitement and nostalgia. And most importantly I talked along with my Grandma Norma in my mind, she would have loved this event! She would have loved to walk along side me explaining her new ideas in decorating. For NO ONE knew how to decorate for Christmas like she did! I enjoyed my water glass as I watched the kids play in Santa's corner, getting pictures taken and doing hand made crafts. I liked watching the high school dancers and the random performances on the main stage. It was fun to walk through the Christmas gift shop or sit on a bench to people watch. I talked to many different people but my Grandma remain in my heart and mind through out the whole time.....It's true that every Christmas eve I miss her, I wonder if she can see me now from up on a cozy cloud. My husband says I have her same Holiday spark and need to decorate....I am sure she gave it to me. Then I walked around the big huge tree on the Boise grove, surrounded by lit candles and everyone singing I felt this was the magical moment to begin the Christmas celebration, for I love the colors, the lights and the wonder of it all!

"Grandma, look at this place! WOW we are going to have fun walking around here...." I stood a moment at the open doors of all the displays in Christmas wonders. I could picture her giggles as she stood next me with her own sparkling Christmas jewelry on, along with her salt and peppered curly short hair styled so nicely. She would probably have a strong perfume scent on her soft nice sweater. I stood there knowing that if she was here right now this would a wonderful time, she would say "Oooooh Pretty...." then giggle again with her nose and eyes squeezed together happily.
"Merry Christmas Grandma." my heart was with her among the twinkling lights!

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