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Saturday, November 26, 2011

3 AM

It was only 5 minuets away not really enough time to warm up my car, but I didn't care the mall was going to be warm. My gloves helped me drive and park safely but my eyes were heavy. I met my supervisor Sophia with the same sleepiness, She was one of my favorite people to work with. She knew her Starbucks standards and worked hard at keeping the flow of the store going. Working in the Mall is like working a fast express lane at a grocery store where no one can stand in line long or the place gets to crowded or everything becomes a mess. It was 3am as we began to setup for Black Friday, I was brewing full batches of drip coffee knowing the one thing I hated the most was being out of brewed. It happens to be the easiest drink to pour and hand off so waiting 5 minuets for fresh brewing just makes unhappy customers and I usually give it out free for the wait. When I looked out over the silent dark mall through all the open windows of the coffee shop, I wondered how crazy will it get today? Then I heard Brecca's voice at the gate say loudly "Well, This Day is STUPID." I laughed letting her in and drinking down my cup of brewed quickly, if I can get the coffee in my veins I will be on top of my job. Brecca and Sophia were friends outside of work so they hugged each other then raced around to setup and I loved working with those girls, Sophia has dark long hair with rich skin and dark eyes, she was always nice even if she got fluster or overwhelmed. Brecca always wore the cutest scarfs and clothes, with her fun jewelry and fire red hair she was animated in sharing her stories. We often help each other with our projects, it was easy to be chatting away while getting everything done together. I remember how Brecca would raised her hand up in the air asking "Who else thinks this is such a stupid day?" I would reply across the store with my hand held high while replying back "I would pay the extra 50 bucks to sleep in and avoid all crazy crowds." We had this exciting new energy after a few shots of espresso mixed in with gooey Carmel, Brecca was setuping the shots while explaining to us how ridiculous Black Friday is for our society and then the three of us would stop to cheers with our fixed espresso shots tasting that sweet hot sharp coffee. After that we would raced around to get everything ready for the extremely early morning opening. That morning there was a loud scream out in the dark empty not open yet mall, We watched in wonder as suddenly 30 teenagers ran across the mall to our opening gate, these screaming teenagers were coming towards us like in a war charge,  I grabbed onto the register watching them coming as Brecca lean over from behind the espresso machine saying "Oh my god! there are stupid people on this stupid day! ...Here we go..." I threw my head back in a loud laugh and nodded. This was truly all so stupid. Black Friday brings out the craziness like I have never seen it before! I took a deep breath as I greeted the first customer, thinking to myself "Okay so HERE we GO!"

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