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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Banana Chair

It really seems like it is taking me FOREVER to shop for furniture and clearly in our new home, (new since the first of July which will show that it actually IS taking me forever to buy or find the kind of furniture I need. Luckily I am getting there slowly) When we got rid of our very worn out couch from our condo husband bought a banana chair in pure excitement from his memories of playing video games from the fun of a Banana chair. I ended up being the only one able to bounce up and down on it as He realized once he sat down he didn't want to try and get back up. Funny how our memories of childhood forget to explain our adult bodies can't quite keep up! It is a fun chair I have enjoyed it so very much but getting my dog Oscar around the chair is impossible since it rolls on it's own he freaks out thinking the chair is alive! It is hilarious to watch him walk around the chair suspiciously then he runs in place startled by it's moving! While I dog sat Edison my father-in-law's dog, the banana chair became Eddie's favorite place to sit or sleep in. He will get up in the curve of the seat slowly then lays down quickly as the chair gets to swing. Soon the chair is still and the dog is napping perfectly. I was VERY impressed by how clever and smart Eddie was with the chair. My dog Oscar watched every move Edison made, then he ventured closer to Banana chair again not sure to trust the moving chair. A few nights later Edison had gone home and I was reading when I caught a glimpse of Oscar sneaking up on the empty Banana chair, he suddenly jumped up into the seat only to get tossed out by the swinging chair then he raced away whimpering like the chair was going to bite him and I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my cheeks! For the last few nights he had been thinking to himself "Well, if Eddie sleeps there then surely I CAN TOO" Hahahahahahaha I have such a Drama Queen dog! 

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