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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Stroke of Insight Part 1

I sat in the ICU room with the beeping machines, the air sounding pump of my mother's lungs and the rainbow color of lights on the computer screen. I sat there trying to knit only to have one big major knot in my hands. I guess I noticed but kept on knitting watching over my mother. The ICU nurse was amazing and I wish I could remember her name as she told me thoughtfully "There is a really good book for you to read about strokes, it will help you with your mom....I think I saw it on Oprah a while back." I talked with her for awhile about this book and then I went on a search for the Author and to my delight, IT WAS A PERFECT BOOK for me to have!
Not only did it help me relate to my mother as she recovered. But it also pointed out some very important recovering tips that I could put into work when hanging out with my mother. THIS is inspiring to see how Dr. Jill Boyle Taylor survived her stroke and learned to live again!  

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