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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Secret Place

There is a place I love to go, where I dance or I lay under the sky looking straight up into the night. I see the stars and tree branches,  I feel the rain and the wind. It is a secret place in my own backyard where I wonder how did I get so lucky to live here. I was listening to the radio where the woman was talking about having her own paradise place, and how they had to work so hard to get such a home only to loose it when this economy went belly up. Then she realized it was her attitude that could make her situation better or worse. Now she blooms where she is planted and I thought the same for my home. It isn't everyone's dream home but I LOVE IT.....I like to look in from outside while walking the dogs and see candles burning, fresh flower vases and bird feeders. We all need a secret place of wonder and love...full of magical things like fire flies and soft green grass! Last night when I laid back looking up at the stars I had a cat and 2 dogs join me as we relaxed and felt together in that moment. I know I have been sad lately, I know I have been processing so many things in these last several weeks.......but I have a secret place that always brings me back to myself, to my inner hope where this strength and joy comes from.

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