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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Weeping Willow

The road was normal, wide open and clear as I drove along in my car with the 2 dogs in the backseat. I felt confused by the sudden change in weather as it went from sunshine to gray instantly and snow covered my windshield. I griped the steering wheel as it felt like the car was driving faster, I moved my foot around quickly to find the brakes but then I noticed the oncoming traffic was doing the same thing as the other cars slid and spine out of control in front of me! I wanted to scream but instead I swung right then left sliding all over the road too just seconds in missing the other cars, there was glossy ice EVERY WHERE?!? I looked to my left the drop off was steep with broken trees in a racing river, then I looked to my right as it looked like the ocean but it had frozen over into loose ice banks. I wondered if this was where I had come to died, but I kept driving fast and steadily. At one point I put my hand up to stop a big red car from slamming into me as the shadowy sky lead me through this chaos to a willow tree. A huge tree with big raised roots that saved my car wheels from floating out into the ocean, it saved me. I got out of my car shocked over all those cars flying around but they never actually crashed into me! "What IS happening?" I asked out loud as I noticed a hippy rainbow van full of kind looking people that had been already parked there under that huge tree. The hairy old man hugged me saying "You are safe now, you made it!" I wiped tears from my cheeks with the back of my long sleeve, He looked out over the sudden empty earth in front of us saying "You are the only who survived it, though." I felt instantly scared to death in realizing the only ones alive now where under that willow tree with me. And I woke up with a start this morning and sad over how real that dream actually was to me.......So what could it mean?

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