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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lunch on the Roof Top

Today was such a good day for my mom to eat her usual Cafe Ole with her friend Cindy on the roof top garden at the hospital. It was great weather as we sat over chips and salsa, Mom loves her cherry cokes and getting back to feeling more normal again. she told us about all her classes and all her plans to learn to walk. I loved the whole event because Mom had this endearing way in trusting to visit, while leaning in close to joke with her life long friend Cindy. I was thinking about how several weeks ago they said my mother may never eat real food again and now as the water fountain moved in the center of the garden she ate happily away! I am so proud of all she has done to work so hard to get this day and then on the next day even! It is amazing how she cant move her left side and still gets around! Mom smiled and share so much of herself today that I ate it all up and enjoyed watching her be truly happy! When I was about to leave I heard Mom say to the nurses and her friend "I am really happy now! I feel pretty and got a good lunch in the garden!" I smiled to myself thinking every day should be as fun for her and it's those little things like when Cindy said that Mom is a true princess, really made me happy to know there are other people who think so too! I am proud of my princess mother!

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