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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My front yard

What is a front yard for? Why do we have them? I see many front yards in my neighborhood that are either picture perfect or completely forgotten.....
What do we use our front yards for???
No one likes to sun bath out front where strangers whistle nor would reading a book out there be any better. My dogs can't hang out in the front yard since it is without a fence! I'm spending extra on watering the front yard for no real reason then to look good as people (LIKE MYSELF drive by and judge if it is a loved front useless yard or not, HA) I wish it was a front garden, then the lady chickens would love on it as I would benefit more from the cost of watering. I still make my front yard look good, I pull scary Canadian thistle weeds out from the fresh laid sod. I plant flowers and even put a chair out by my front wind chimes remind me that I have a front yard all together!
I think there are many ideas for a front yard, but mostly it is a space of land many people ignore or stage. I never notice many lawn parties out front, mostly because where ever you put your BBQ that's where the crowds will hang out! So maybe I should spend more time in my front yard just sitting, not weeding, not talking to the chickens. But just enjoying my lonely yet perfectly loved front yard. Maybe I will answer my own questions if I do!?! Really what IS a front yard, if it isn't used?!?

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