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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Pop-in

When it comes to the "Pop-in" no one did this more that I know of then my own mother. It's an old school style of visiting neighbors and friends....that really now with email or cell phones visiting or going to see someone is much faster or easily planned. I do remember all the caught by surprise looks friends or family gave us when we stood at their front step to hang out at their house for the day. Even though I was just a kid I got the feeling at times our "Pop-in" wasn't really welcomed. I had to figure out my own rules on the pop-ins and what other people preferred once I grew up. Some friends like a text message tat I am on my way or others just call when they arrived in my driveway. With our modern technology nowdays socializing has never been made so easy! (AS long as we are willing to leave the technology alone long enough for a visit one to one) My Mother use to come into town and call me saying she is here and I can meet up with her right then. It got a bit stressful or frustrating if I already had other plans. Although the few times she just pop-in to my home, I usually was still in my house coat drinking coffee trying to explain nicely to her that I do not EVER go shopping on the weekends. Maybe it was the crowds or that weekend time was when I saw my hubby but in the last 10 years it is a rare weird day if I am shopping on the weekend. Although I did go shopping with my mom on her pop-in the last time she was in town. We actually had a fun time with her big sale coupons, in many ways it wasn't for me that I was that now I have those good memories of her and I trying on the same clothes in the same fitting room and laughing! THAT was a pop-in by her to which I will enjoy.....This morning when my father called to say they wanted to pop over I was THRILLED and excitedly setup a tea cup set with ripe sweet freshly sliced pears. Mom sat in her wheel chair on our patio and we visited....I was sad to see her leave back to the hospital. I just want to give my Momma even more flowers and gardens to enjoy! I realized her way of "Popping-in" has changed, and it was truly sweet to have her in my home for a little while...

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