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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Look UP!

  My favorite Author Jon Katz shared a powerful poem on his blog (You MAY have heard about him on this blog once or twice before:-D)...Now I've been outside in the center of my back yard most summer nights and last night when I looked up at the most beautiful darkening summer sky and I felt such amazing tears fall because We live in a beautiful world, sometimes it helps to be reminded by looking up! The trees stretch out and the sky holds so many colors! Maybe we live in the most amazing place in the whole universe.......Maybe we do just by looking up!

Posted: 30 Aug 2011 04:51 PM PDT

Look Up, Look Up
If you turn off the cell, and the TV and leave the computer behind.
And take yourself into the deep woods, and look up.
You might cry, as I did today,
for the colors in the world.
for the people in love.
for the flowers that bloom.
for the babies born.
for the creatures we love,
for the things we learn,
for the chance to change,
and the stories we tell
and the crops rising up.
for the birds that sing
for the hope in hearts
for the spirits unbroken
for the light that shines,
for the songs that are sung,
and the walks that are taken,
hand in hand,
with hearts still open,
to the joy of living
one more day.
Look up,
Look up,
and cry.

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