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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hospital Hot Packs

When mom would wake up in all her pain, she would beg and plead for a hot shower or a glass of water. But in the ICU the rules were there to protect her. So when mom got a hot pack she fell right to sleep! It was like a miracle those hot packs! Mom loved them and we learned how to create them. For all of mom's sore muscles and aching back we were able to help relax that pain by putting heat on it. I STILL think they are fascinating! AND my mother LOVES them!

(IF ever you are in need of a hot pack too)

Take a heavy duty ziplock bag
put a dry hand towel or a couple of wash cloths in the bag
Then fill the bag half full of boiling hot water (We get the water out of the coffee maker machine so its super hot)
let the cloth get soaked by the hot water 
then drain completely (Leave no hot water in the bag for safety)
The wet towel in the bag will stay very hot a long time
Then seal close carefully
Put into a pillow case to keep from burning against the skin.
Repeat when necessary.......WORKS WONDERS for sore muscles!

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