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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mums The Word

It is every where in grocery stores, it is that time of the year again......FALL comes to us in such colors as this flower. MUMS, they are such a vibrant hardly flower for the changing weather and cozy season. I always have my mums next to pumpkins as I staged my home for the harvest colors. What I love about mums is that they are full of blooms and gives us color when everything else begins to pale away. Each visit to the store I notice my eyes are drawn into the baskets of mums and fall decor. I think that is the same reason I love marigolds so much for they hold such bright full color into winter! Since I have some new room to decorate this year....I have MANY ideas and plans for my home in these approaching holidays, It is what gets me up excitedly every morning! I have ripening pears, weeds to pull and a lawn to mow among all my creativity and homemaking passions. I am hoping to setup my garden really good for next spring as all my peppers and squashes have been harvest. My mums while decorating this cottage help fill the hours with a sense of a new season, a new list of activities and a true beauty to behold!

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