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Monday, September 19, 2011


I haven't been a big shopper my whole life, I grew up as a kid always wanting to go to the mall and see what everyone else was doing. Then this morning I realized that I was very excited to go...yes that is right.... SHOPPING! It was my mother's first shopping event outside of the hospital in over 60 days. My sister Dana and I met up in her room with coffees and plans to take Mom out. My car worked easy enough for the transfers from seat to wheel chair. Once we got to Ross, the clothing store I carried the clothes Mom wanted as Dana pushed her wheel chair....every so often Dana shot me a smirk while piling on the clothes in my arms. I was starting to get worried that I added up the clothes we were almost at 200 dollars......then Sis and I cleverly reduce those purchases a bit more. It was such a fun time, but it was different. Mom use to be a frugal shopper so watching her grab everything she liked was a surprise. We will see changes like these as a result from her stroke. Then Mom was ready to take on another store but we had to get back to her therapy classes. It was a really good first time outing and great to get out of the hospital too! My dad did mention we might need to schedule our shopping days out more for the budget and Mom explained that she had no budget hahahaha Ooooh dear.....I thought to myself that I may need a bit more practice on how to shop again.....

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