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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hyde Park Street Fair

Every year I make my way through the hundreds of cars, the narrow streets of the north end of Boise Idaho to the corner park. As a small child I remember playing on the swings of Camel's back park. With Hyde Park just down the road you can get a coffee with a friend or sit on the patio of a restaurant. Camel's Back park has the most amazing view of the valley below when you hike straight up that hillside with your dogs. Every year I make my way through bikers and strollers, through young and old and find myself waving back at the security police. The bands play among the dancing spectators, as I look on in awe at how each year this event grows! The hippy happy days of summer come to a close bringing out the most colorful of people on this weekend. And the local vendors bring business with such color, with such fun! I LOVE this festival!!! Maybe because I am very much a happy hippy, but I feel like this event has a small town feeling in a big city....It was on such a perfect night, clear sky, sweet end of summer scents and I just loved.........loved it all....the people, the colors, the music and well the WHOLE world!

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