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Monday, September 12, 2011

Arts in the Park

This weekend was so full of friends and family that I truly truly LOVED it and well LOVED EVERYONE! It started out great with my mother stepping out of the hospital for Friday's football game. Then with Arts in the park Saturday after I made my jalapeno poppers for the really fun BBQ at Tony's Dad's place. The Arts in the park here in Boise Idaho is always beautiful and creative that I get new ideas for painting or decorating! Hanging out there for 2 days in a row allowed me to really see everything! Not mention fill my heart with love for my dear friends! I am surrounded by love and beauty all the time I just forget when I am alone feeling sad or frustrated over my mother's stroke and family situations.......THIS weekend was inspiring and simply beautiful! I loved the fire pit time with Dad and Teresa, I loved the big Sunday breakfast Tony created and when Brecca introduced me to a magical artist name Mark Ludy, I was overjoyed!!! (he was really a nice guy while signing the books too) What a world to escape into as he paints it for us! My life is the most beautiful it has ever been and I am aware from such pains comes deeper meanings.....So now I can sit under the big dark trees on the flatten grass while the sights and sounds of arts in the park unfold thinking to myself "BEAUTIFUL. Life just is beautiful!"

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