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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Idiot Sister

I know that I am not an idiot, BUT in my family during the stress and craziness of the hospital drama with my mother. I have felt exactly like the guy in the new movie "Our Idiot Brother." I enjoyed seeing this flick with my mother-in-law JoAnne and her Hubby Roy, We laughed so much and enjoyed it very much. It was also fun to hear how my husband's movie was since he wanted to watch cowboys and aliens.....Hmmm not really interested. He enjoyed it too though! This movie  "Our idiot Brother" was about a hippy, happy grown man with 3 sisters. I thought it was completely adorable! I liked how the brother (Ned) always helped out and trusted people so easily. When what he said in the movie about how he hoped people will step up to be trustworthy and kind. I thought to myself "WOW I've said that so many times, I AM the Idiot sister! Oh how funny!" Now in this movie with Ned (the idiot brother) stumbles about trying to help or deal with his family...often getting completely misunderstood. YET his dog always loves him even when he feels no one else does....again the dog was beautiful by the way and I LOVED the happy ending!!! SO as I wore my purple crocks out in my garden this morning, I thought how lovely my marigold flowers smell and how funny my dogs were chasing each other as my radio played. I will live my life in my "Lovey Dovey ways" proudly...... for maybe just like the movie I have a happy ending too!

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