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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Book Review "Katz on Dogs" by Jon Katz

This is a book full of thoughtful dog issues and situations, the importance of how society functions around our four legged friends. How easily dogs are misunderstood.....or worse neglected. I love how Jon addresses normal family situations with a energized dog or the lack of attention that creates social problems. When dogs come to our homes it is often surprising how little we the owner know about our pet's needs and when we put our own emotional spin to the dog's actions we can truly mess up the relationship. I like how Jon writes in this cute titled book "Katz on Dogs" his approach is honest and humbling. I like how he helps people with their dogs in this book. I also like how he knows some people won't take his advice and he lets that go without trying to save the dog from an unhappy situation. Although he writes about how hard it is to see dogs be mistreated or struggle, he also knows how owners have to learn the hard way at times about who their dog is.....I use this book often but I am far from a dog training guru. I have had my mini-schnauzer Oscar for 5 years now and when he chase my neighbor's backyard chickens a couple of weeks ago I was applauded at how Oscar didn't listen to me, at how he raced around trying to eat a chicken!!! There are moments when we are embarrassed or humbled by our dog's actions.....where for myself, that I realized my dog training never ends as long as I don't become a lazy pet owner.  Thankgoodness my neighbor was understanding and no chickens actually died by terror of silly drama queen Oscar. So I am planning on re-reading this book on training over and over again because it is good to keep focus and live happily ever after with our dogs!

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