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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Humming Birds

I sat watching TV in my Grandma Eva's living room, the TV was framed by designed wood. The sliding glass door was open with red shear long curtains pulled back as I saw my first humming bird. It came up to the feeder in such motion that it catch my eye and I excitedly call out asking what kind of bird was THAT!?! I remember watching my Grandma refill the feeder often to the fresh pine tree smell outside. In northern Idaho the pine trees cover the hillsides and my grandparents home was on a hill look down a grassy valley out line by mountains and tree tops. The humming bird became my newest focus, as a young child I moved away from the TV that played the "The Phil Donahue Show." or some confusing soap opera, to watching the bright red feeder...waiting. I waited to catch a glimpse of a humming bird. Then I would excitedly be shouting when one arrived until I got on everyone's nerves. I guess ever since then humming birds and me get along great! I think they are magical like bird fairies and if they trust you then they will be back to show off their colors and air dancing! Right now in my home out back in the lilac bush I hang my feeders proudly......Humming birds come in to greet me at the window as I do the dishes, as I sing or dance with them! 

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