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Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Absolutes

I know I said this often, that I have no absolutes when it comes to claiming who God is. When it comes to saying life is this way or that. I honestly sit here typing this tonight thinking over my own absolutes. Like I will absolutely protect my pets, love my family and be brave as life unfolds. But really what else can I be so sure about? In debating tonight with my husband on issues like the death penalty, child abuse or murder. I found myself debating, getting fired up on what I really don't know for sure...that is how to fix such things in our society. While I was debating these things, I noticed my arguments were not strong. But they were filled of hope to better the world around us....yet how do we really DO THAT when faced with such deep dark situations or sadness? I don't know. I don't know really how just one person so sure of a possible, hopeful, peaceful world can overcome the dark souls out there creating evil......In debating I noticed my unsure ideas of what answers I give that felt really open to still looking for a solution to so many bad things that happen in our society. I thought to myself "We are looking for an absolute, something that says if society worked like this or that then nothing bad would happen." Ironically, I say there are no absolutes then I try to find an answer for one......When I was a christian I had all the absolutes, all the answers to this "Sinful world" and tonight I realized just how much I miss that easy system to answering a debate. I miss it because it was nice to feel like I was absolutely right! NOW I realize I have so much more to learn, that society isn't easily fixed by my own personal point of view. NOW I have more questions then answers .....especially with no absolutes.   

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