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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First Football Game

When I saw my mother yesterday morning she was dressed and ready to go! (even though she had to wait till evening) For her boys had their first high school football game that night in Greenleaf Idaho. This was going to be her very first outing from the hospital, and she would get to watch the game! Everything seemed cheerful when talking to my mom about her plans, In fact it really was such a great game even though the Greenleaf Grizzlies didn't win. Last night's game was on a perfect end of summer weather with a pink sunset and the surrounding fields of mint in the air! My brothers Daren and Doug were playing with such heart and soul that it was so much fun to watch! They would brake away when they could to see our mother in her front row seat from the pick-up facing the flied. When my husband Tony and I showed up I asked Mom if Tony could sit with her and she smiled happily saying yes. The 2 of them stayed in the pick-up while game took place. My Father moved on the side lines with my brother Derek and Sister Dana. It was amazing to me that ALL 6 of  us kids were there in the small town of Greenleaf  chatting with our mother and cheering on our brothers (It is a 45 minuet drive from Boise, from the hospital) Mom loved it all! The drive, the pickup, the cherry coke while watching, cheering and being out from her hospital room after the last couple of months. I loved seeing my brothers play so good and Mom explained proudly how when they arrived for the game Daren said he took care of it, so Mom could park where ever she would liked to watch the game. She was so proud to be a VIP! At half time when the boys came over to kiss their mother she beamed even more and my father hugged each boy telling them how proud he was and how he loved them! I couldn't help but think as I was watching, that something amazing was happening to my family......Like we all knew, having our mother there was a true miracle! The energy, the friendships and the love was filling all of our hearts with hugs and happiness!

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