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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Girl who talks to animals...

When my mother was out of surgery and responding better again, I told her all about my neighbor's chicken. He has four of them and I loved talking to them! Mom smiled through her pain to listen about the chickens. My father was walking around so when he heard me say "I am glad the chickens come over into my yard then I can talk to them." He snorted and rolled his eyes as usual, while leaning into my mom's bed saying  "Did you know our daughter talks to CHICKENS?" like it was the stupidest thing, Mom just nodded and smiled again as she squeezed my hand. I could hear the edge in my father's voice but I replied back happily as if my father wasn't as rude as I felt. "I actually talk to ALL animals, but my chicken friends have names now so our conversation is more personal!" I smiled big and my father rolled his eyes again while leaving the room. I told my mother about each color of chicken, "Mrs. Paprika is redish brown, Mrs. Peppercorn looks JUST like a peppercorn! It is funny to think of spices to name each one. I also call them MRS. as a title of respect since they are the queens of laying eggs!" I loved how my mother lit up listening and replying back " their eggs....yard fresh." she said with a grin at her own humor. I loved that time just me and her talking about chickens. Then I began to think about how many years now I talk openly out loud to my dogs and to any animal actually. While growing up on the farm I always talked to my animals and it is something in me that feels they are connected even in conversation, they can't reply but your tone says a lot about your mood. Every animal is aware of who to approach and who to not just by the sound they are making. My conversations are good for me, the animal world is a wonderful comfort! "Dance away humming bird!, Run, squirrel run! and Are you a lost kitty?" I have had many hundreds of conversations to the animal world....whose to say we don't die and come back as one of them? how would you like to be living as a dog in a box? Or a cat in the rain? Each being is connected, maybe even for just a moment. I respect what we say or how we say it to the animal kingdom, when I hissed "Shut up Bird." to a loud squawking crow. it then quickly attacked me! SO maybe I will give a crow just a bit more space next time....
And I will not be embarrass when next time my husband asks "Who are you talking to?" I stop to point to the all black chicken next to me in my flower bed "Just Mrs. Butterworths" while He lets out a loud laugh and shake his head.

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