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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hachi (A Movie Review)

I watched this movie with a clear understanding it will be a powerful, sad and emotional movie. I love all movies about dogs! No matter the warnings people may say. I want to see for myself what the dog story is about and usually I learn something very important. I hardly remember much about that movie "I am Legend" with Will Smith but I DO remember the German Sheppard named Samantha in that story. When a close friend of mine said she hated "Marley & Me" I quickly watched it to see why. That story was very important, I liked how Marley's owner realized his life was made better by his dog and how we need to be there for our dog after the years they gave us. 

This movie "Hachi" is an amazing story. It starts out with a cute pup getting lost, then the pup chooses his owner ( I believe dogs just know who will love them), So a kindhearted well-balanced man takes Hachi home. This man has a happy marriage, a grown daughter and time in his career were a dog fits in perfectly. The man is played by Richard Gere, who can always capture true emotions very easily. When Richard tries to get the puppy Hachi to play fetch, I was laughing so much because he reminded me of myself! I also enjoyed how connected the people were at the train station. This story has such kindness to Hachi as he walked around town getting treats. (I always love seeing dogs walking happily along with no leash. Behaving so good) Hachi ends up being the loyal hero and the inspiration to the whole town. But when Richard Gere is speaking at his college class he said something I really admired and thought about all after the movie was over. He said "I am a lot older then you" He is speaking to a room full of college students. "But I tend to think that there is an element of music that can not be captured. Life can not be captured, the moment of creation itself is fleeting..."
When Hachi plays fetch finally now a grown beautiful dog and he is magically in tuned to his owner's health. I nodded my approval for dogs are AMAZING creatures! Somehow we humans got lucky to have them be our best friends! The fact Hachi never gave up makes me wonder where that kind of devotion comes from? Humans can hardly handle being loyal in general, even to their jobs, much less for a decade! 
Hachi is an inspiring movie full of hope with that deeper understanding of true love. I think this story asks of us..... What can we do for each other? What kind of a friend are we? 
And most importantly I believe there is an element of all the dogs that can not be captured!

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  1. I hope I can be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.