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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking Bad

It surprised me that I was watching this show, I don't like anything about meth so I thought if this drama series glorified meth I would NOT watch it.
Yet it was fascinating and heart breaking for a show i never thought i would actually like to watch....I also never thought a show would become such a huge topic in discussions, in choosing sides over right and wrong! It has changed me, because I was a fighter for against the making of meth and yet if the demand wasn't there then it wouldn't be even an issue...I can not stop the demand nor can I be a hot headed cowboy like Hank. I might have been the only one who liked Hank, it just made me feel safe with him around. Walter White was a loose cannon this show revealed his insecurities and fears then arriving to his huge growing ego.....I couldn't be on his team simply because I would never want meth a possibility for anyone.
It surprised me that this show was both ugly and beautiful, desperate and dazzling. 
My husband and I never had so many deep discussions, we disagreed quickly having the show on pause until both our ideas were heard. I sided instantly with my knee jerk emotional reaction in all of this being a big fat NO....while he saw the hidden meanings of people needing to control others, if the demand is there why not profit from it? 
It's a great show when it can challenge the viewer and mentally take you there in the show!
I never thought I would ever give this much thought to why people escape in hurtful ways such as meth but they do and it is really happening all around us, there is this pain in facing life no matter what medication you would choose, for it's in that self-pity story we can justify anything.......I realize after watching this show, some one is paying a lot of money for that blue crystal, if there wasn't a demand then it wouldn't be such a disturbing real life topic. Breaking Bad taught me that there is no right or wrong to the world of hurtful pain, being strong enough to heal or to give up is all an individual choice.
In the end everything we chase won't last, it's a choice of what is most important to us, I can't say it enough meth will ruin your whole life and all the lives of those who love you! but I am not so sure anymore in my ideas of right and wrong which makes this one of those shows I will never forget having seen! It's important to always keep learning and trying to find the right path in this life time that we all have, eventually we learn what we were meant to and who we really are when it's all said and done.


  1. I loved Breaking Bad. It was one of my favorite series. I know the whole meth thing is not good but I loved the emotional side to what Walt did. It was a very well done show.