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Monday, October 7, 2013


Here is my most favorite comedy sitcom of ALL time!
This started up when TV was thriving into the daily real time lives of homes in America. Before the change of choosing what to watch when you the viewer wants, back then when I was a teenager we planned our whole day around the shows airing at night on the clock. If you missed the time that it was being aired you couldn't record or go back another day to re-watch the episode.
 In today's world TV doesn't control our schedules anymore. I use to race home Thursday nights in hope to capture this comical show of a family in the sky scrapers of Seattle!
The very fist episode of "Frasier" aired on
 September 16, 1993 and maybe I am kinda crazy to be able to remember it on the TV in the background for we were in the middle of the harvest season on the orchard farm. tractors, 4-wheelers coming and going long hours and hard work. I was helping my very pregnant mother can peaches as "Frasier" unfolded for the very first time on screen. I was laughing and chuckling to myself so much that my mother got annoyed with me asking "Now are you paying attention to those jars? They have to stay clean as you put the peaches in them." It became apart my life from that evening on, I even ended up marrying into a family exactly like "Frasier"!
I love this show even more now as it's 11 seasons are over, last episode ended on May 3, 2004. I felt sad when it was over because it was such apart of my choice in what to watch on TV. The jokes and most importantly the family dynamics were what brought me back in the comforting show time and time again. I love dialogue, intelligent thoughts and good classy jokes which this show always captured and entertained on a high level of laughter. This show connects both on the emotional and philosophical levels that makes me never bored in watching it. I love that this show is now at my finger tips whenever I need to remember of a time I came from. My husband and his brother are Frasier and Niels in almost every way, while their Dad drinks a beer with his dog on his lap! It all makes such relating connections in my life that I am in awe with even more laughter! As Niel's wife never shows up to any family event because of her sensitive emotional state or how their Dad re-marries makes me watch on in awe with a new found joy that THIS is most defiantly the family I married into! 
Now I knew I liked this show back in the very beginning for a's rather my own life unfolding on screen and I deeply LOVE it!......SO does this mean I am Daphne or Roz?
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......I wonder!!!
Perhaps in all respect I am just Eddie laying on the floor looking up with a smile hahahahahahaha

"Frasier" is the best sitcom out there in all of history I'm tellin' ya!

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