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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


There is this really funny show about actually nothing, called "Seinfeld" With it's 9 seasons of successful quotes and jokes still living on!
Because it is so famous I use it all the time to describe my husband's personality, he is spot on with George! In fact this makes me more like Kramer when I watch these episodes again. When the first episode aired on July 5, 1989 I never saw it, It was up to my father at that time what he wanted to watch and he describe the show as annoying and boring. Funny as I grew up this show was always interesting to me....Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld who did stand up before or in the middle of the sitcom made me laugh out loud and respond to the story line of not being any story line. Seinfeld was a show that captured REAL LIFE. We ALL sit in coffee shops chatting over the stories in our lives, this back and forth is very normal. We all want to have social events and conversation about the truth that sometime life is JUST this right now conversation over when to change the toilet paper role or if peeing in the shower is even safe.  "Seinfeld" is actually not a show about nothing in the end it is about  EVERYTHING! I know for myself that I dance like Elaine, talk to my husband just like Jerry, especially when he talks to George , and I also think exactly like Kramer! So in watching all of these episodes back to back over the years I have a profound appreciation for this sitcom. It is fun when friends get together quoting the scenes back and forth, when we would played Seinfeld trivia at the Table Rock pub! It will always be a CLASSIC show, a kind of age defining moment in our culture when a 18 years old says "Never heard of it" the whole room of people responses into huge protest because it was such a part of many families Thursday night routine to watch it air on the TV screen back in the day! 
The last episode was on May 14, 1998 it was a smart choice to end before the style of the show grew to old or mindless. This show was one of a kind, so many other sitcom have tried to model themselves after "Seinfeld" failing of course to capture in under 30 minuets what these four people did!
I really like watching this show even now I think to myself that there is no such thing as being about nothing, everyday life, the good and bad nakedness, the big salad or the soup nazi is actually about is a about REAL life in which we all can relate to!
When Larry David explained how he wrote the last episode I totally got it and will always think such good things like this sitcom "Seinfeld" ended all to soon!

(Then of course I HAVE to mention there was January 6, 2006 when Jerry Seinfeld came to Boise Idaho for his stand up routine, my sides hurt from laughing so hard for I was beyond thrilled to get second row seats. He did a quick question and answer time with the audience so someone asked when he would come back to TV again, he mentioned being on one of the episodes in Larry David's new show I exclaimed without thinking loudly "I SAW YOU!" Jerry pointed at me saying "See, She saw me....I am on TV here and there now." I flushed with amazement that he heard what I said so I lived on that high from the event for awhile of course hahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

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