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Monday, October 14, 2013


It was surprising at how interesting this show became in hunting down terrorist. Damian Lewis always plays the good guy in most of his films, then you can't help but wonder about him in this series. 

    It surprised me how this show covers such a controversial topic such as the "War on Terror". The fresh pain of 9-11-2001 is even brought up in this drama series theme song. Bringing the viewer into the situation of how events like this are unfolding ALL the time, the rich and powerful control everything. The human struggle between right and wrong, the mental journey through all those gray areas and that sense of revenge comes to light in this story. Eventually fighting the good fight wears a person down. The confusing fact that no one really knows all the facts before making a judgement call. I think it's even personal to anyone who serves this country under such loyalty, because once we are betrayed or abandon we change, we can't help it in asking different questions of how everything really works around us. Damian Lewis is a good actor making this show come to life while Claira Danes has such great facial expressions that show off  her tears and fears in all of her emotional involvement trying to save the world. 
In the end the only actually truth comes down to that there is suffering on both sides of ANY war.....

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