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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It was the VERY first of it's kind!
      When the TV show "Jericho" first aired back in September 20, 2006 during a time as all the news were covering the long list of "What if's....?" playing off everyone's fear after 9/11....
Like what if America falls from it's powerful throne?
What if there is a nuclear war and the whole world is changed?
What if there is no more farms, no more food?
What if the water runs dry?
What if China takes over and calls in our debts all at once?
There is such a huge shift in our nation on learning to grow a garden once again and get back to the basic needs in survival. Because sure one day what if it's only up to you on how your family survives or not? Don't be fearful, be educated on how to handle it all. This show makes a small town feel more and more safe being away from all those big cities as they exploded. This show brings out so many emotions, proving how all humans are adaptable, resourceful and helpful in times of trouble. The stress and the security of caring for a community left all alone in the unknown of what kind of wars are going on or what kind of world changes have happened makes this show fun to watch. The stories of such heroes, of such survivors and even of such rioting keeps each episode  moving right along into discovering the whole story! I enjoy watching this drama any time because it's full of such awesome tips, of how in the end the only thing that matters is family and friends while giving us hope in how to keep on living through all the "What if's" that time will throw at us!

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