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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Six feet Under

When it came to one of the first drama series revealing the gay life style in a real honest light, this show impressed me on many levels of challenging society and all those "Don't show" rules for TV. 
It has always been fascinating to me what happens when we die, not really every detail to bring about a viewing but to what is the after life is like.
I have some friends who can have normal conversations with those who had died which makes this show refreshing, it would be nice if we ALL could have that in our lives so that we never feel all alone or sad missing those we use to talk with about everything.
It is good to know how these things work, everyone will have to face such a day in laying to rest someone they loved.
This drama starts off so shocking with a car accident, then again sometimes in our own lives sudden death brings us all together once again.
I think this show really helped society face some topics they usually avoid, death for one is often glossed over in awkward avoidance for some, I have learned to not take it personal when I hurt but others don't, living life wouldn't be so colorful if we all felt the very same at every moment. It's hopeful to think that maybe the spiritual world can choose to talk to some us if they want. 
And this show brings it home on how relationships that thrive are often the ones that stay honest and respectful. Bringing the stories of how a gay guy feels or what to do in a love triangle. The constant theme that we can live on making our peace with death, taking on new changes and new adventures is why I liked this show! For really who knows after we die that might just another big journey for our soul or we hang around chatting it up with our loved ones whenever we want!

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