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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When 2009 came to en end I had been to Portland half a dozen times which really surprised me, for I love that place! Now it's fun to go to any big city but with Portland I feel familar more and LOVE Powells Book Store. For I  grew up going there once or twice a year with my Grandma and my Mother. Those were some great childhood memories!
Being tied to Portland through my sweet Grandma Norma who grew there and loved that big city, she told me memories of her young adult life working as a bank teller for she wore beautiful dresses everyday and truly loved it! She even sat in cute cozy cafes for lunch and shopped till she dropped these things made her so happy before marrying my Grandpa moving out to Idaho's huge orchard farm. She grew to love the country side and live in a huge house with nice sparkling things. When she returned to Portland she had so many little stories to share as a kid I listened and followed her around enjoying her memories...realizing I will always be tied to Portland over any other city.
Having seen many different parts of Portland by now has me loving the sitcom "Portlandia" even more!
In the last decade I have reconnected to my loving Aunt and Uncle whose lives in Portland makes visiting them fun! They have such good advice and peaceful joy in loving their lives there. I look forward to seeing them whenever I can get back to Portland!
This new sitcom about such a familiar comforting place like Portland makes me laugh and enjoy these small skits of humor. Like how in November of 2009 I hadn't seen any sunshine in 4 full days in my visit to Portland then getting off the airplane in Boise Idaho I was blinded by the clear sky and bright light that I walked right into the building wall feeling dizzy and confused the guy watching me looked worried I explained "Just got home from Portland." He nodded and chuckled while I held my hand over my eyes in this crazy brightness. "Portlandia" cover all of these things about the place that makes me laugh so much! Life is often serious that having a sitcom full of funny relating situations helps escape into a beautiful place like Portland! Where the 90's are alive and the race to find the sun light is always fun!

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