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Saturday, October 12, 2013


It was the talk of the call center where I was working this new HBO show "Rome", It was full of nudity, of power struggles and manipulation. The show moves so quickly through the years that by the end of the second season all the stories and lives in this spicy drama was wrapped up.
"Rome" was pushing the envelope in the stories to show off it's racy, spicy and brave ability to prove that if you keep watching chances are you will be surprised! The scandals and the secrets made this show full of powerful people and revealing the weak. The truth in huge gaps of the wealthy and of the poor was shown among the sexuality, the elaborate parties and the rise of glamor through wars and slavery. This show moves really fast through time that even in one episode a decade unfolded. I watched this drama at midnight when I got home from my call center job to wind down before bed and I wasn't ever sure if I liked this show or just had to watch in order to be "In the Know" back in the conversations at my job. 
My personal battle against TV was growing more and more, my need to get outside to breath fresh air instead of wondering if next week on "Rome" will Cleopatra tell anyone her baby was not fathered by Caesar????
..... That is the common struggle with TV dramas and the real life around us. I had discovered my walks in the park to be far better then my midnight hours after work in watching "Rome". No matter how shocking or exciting TV show are, it can not replace the real world ever! 
Like realizing that ANYONE can have sex but not everyone will find out how to make love.....
 Real life has nothing on "Rome" and I also understand the comfort in escaping into the dramas on screen give us a break from dealing with all the stuff around us, yet all of life itself is an adventure as history will keep cycling on repeat just like when I watched this show thinking to myself "So Governments have always struggled in the end through out history.....interesting."

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