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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Downton Abbey

            It's the most magical sound as the theme song unfolds my excitement shoots through the roof! So I grab my snacks and my blanket to settle in for the unfolding drama of stepping back in time, in seeing this huge Manson come to life, following through all the rooms and all many conversations in the household staff. The show begins and ends way to soon!  
"Downton Abbey" began on the PBS Masterpiece, I was browsing the website one random night, being on my own I was looking for a Victorian style show. I was instantly pleased by this new show and never stopped following it since!
This show reveals the layers of an old society now lost into our history. It plays out in such a romantic way capturing all of life in the main family, in their servants and throughout war which changes all the usual traditional way in thinking.
"Downton Abbey" becomes the kind of show that stays with the viewer in a peaceful, classy way. I love all the landscape, the rich decor and the way the ladies all dress. It often reminds me how manners and social norms need to stay in place for the respect towards others and proof in good character. As I watched a certain episode that I don't desire to ever watch again last year on my birthday my husband replied "These damn shows you watch! Everything has to be so profound for you! This is exactly why I like to stick to comedy, Why can't we just watch "King of the Hill." You don't cry like that afterwords." 
I wiped my eyes with a warm wet cloth laughing at his annoyance for "Downton Abbey" went into such raw emotions and real life experiences leaving me drowning in my reaction and shock. Powerful, beautiful and magical is how  I would describe this show and every time the theme songs plays I feel excited again to keep on watching!

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