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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Walking Dead

This show was just going to be my own Halloween delight when I first heard about it and THEN I watched the very first episode and I was hooked!
What would I do if such things happened in real life???? I want to know how to shoot a gun was my first thought after the first season of "The Walking Dead" where a virus takes hold into the human brain controlling only the desire for eating warm blooded living beings. THIS is a scary ass show! I love it because I now know the group of survivors and what is going on, my husband said while watching with me that I would have been Daryl if I was put into the show, now I liked that statement even though Daryl is a GUY! (Guess I am kinda a guy at times in my survival outlook.) 
This show is amazing in both drama and special effects, that small group mentality and being there for each other makes me come back to each and every episode as if I could learn something. It's a show that has been growing in popularity and loyalty, it is even harder to wait week to week for each new updated episode as they often leave you hanging into what is happening. Every so often I find myself falling over in protest "WHAT? Wait! What kind of ENDING IS THAT!?!?!?!" Then my husband chuckles at me saying "Ya know they write these shows with the idea of a viewer like YOU, someone who response exactly like THAT." I take a deep breath and sigh "Damn Zombies! They are growing into bigger herds! I can't go to sleep NOW! I have to stay up and finish this season!"
These new drama shows bring out how we are not always aware of the danger, how we don't see what is the next move or how to stay safe while we sleep. It shows how quickly big cities fall and the rare hidden farmhouse might be the only place for awhile to rest and think.
The scavenger job would be my most favorite, finding things that could help the camp site and seeing what the abandon buildings look like. Learning the way of being protective in meeting strangers, in finding a safer home. Truly I would more likely be the cook in such a scenario for running out of food is no joking matter that even the zombies would be the last of my fears if we all starve!
This show makes me exhausted while watching it at times, I am more of a nesting kind of person who could turn any cold corner into a nicely made home, if that kept getting interrupted I would get frustrated and eventually start thinking of these zombies as though they are just alley rats full of annoyance, needing to be shot!
This show reveals the basic human condition to learn a new way of living and how easily we are adapting to the new surroundings. Those bloody shocking scenes of zombies eating their prey become apart of the landscape, with only the wise and healthy who will survive in the end. All in all this show brings me around to hoping I can survive along side everyone else!

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