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Thursday, October 17, 2013


When it first aired I knew my husband would like this show instantly because of the intelligent way everyone moved and talked."Deadwood" had a kind of high standard in the structure of the show while not hiding away from any cuss word or raw true emotional reactions. While the intriguing dramas are unfolding in the old western like show, I can't talk enough about the dialogue! For that sucks the viewer right in with a profound sense in good education about language, this writer had a unquiet style in capturing such depth with words.  
The 3 seasons of this show wasn't long enough for the deep rich story line to unfold and it's sudden end left everyone wanting more! For years after this drama series sadly ended my husband and I still still quote it back and forth. Because it will always be a Classic! 
When "Deadwood" first aired on HBO in 2004 it was unlike any other show, people either loved it or hated it... as the show reveals Wild Bill coming to Deadwood South Dakota with the law loosely setup and how rough building a town could be, muddy and a bit crazy! While everyone wanted to strike it rich in those black hills. This drama had a balance in humor, honesty, raw emotions, manipulating control and actual history. The parts that always made me shake my head thinking to myself as woman I can appreciate how far we have come in NOT being on the "value menu" anymore! Okay sure prostitution will never go away but at least it's not just a given as Al Swearengen who owns the "Gem" Saloon asks in a natural calm normal way "Booze, pussy, faro?" (like women are just another "Big Mac" option at McDonalds) It's rather important to remember how far we have come in our societies and civilization. It will always come back to the fact everything in life is "survival of the fittest" or maybe that the smart one stays a few steps ahead of everyone else. 
Having got the chance to watch this show and step back in time makes "Deadwood" always just a click away in the familiar world of the gold rush, the new beginnings and how the rich shall inherit the earth.

  Reverend H. W. Smith: "When I read the Scriptures, I do not feel Christ's love as I used to."
  Calamity Jane: "Aw, is that so? That is too bad! Join the fuckin' club of most of us!"

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