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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lark rise to Candleford

          This one hour drama of stepping back in time warmed my heart simply by the soft colors and huge countryside scenes. There is a sweet simplicity of this show like the mailman on a bike riding along side his dog, Or the sister's sewing shop in a small community where they gossiped the afternoon away. Then the main spot was the post office running comfortably with all the people coming and going....stepping back in time indeed!
Our society now days is less and less active with each other leaving me to sometimes go out run my errons watching who will talk with me and who will not. I WANT to live in Lark rise or in Candleford! The show started up in January 13, 2008 just as the snow came down one night I popped popcorn and capture a world that I want to belonged in, that show unfolded so beautifully making it one of my favorite shows ever! Happy places is where such shows like "Lark rise to Candleford" will take you the viewer along side the buzz of the honey bees and to the jingle of making lace! What a BEAUTIFUL world we still have!

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