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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Office

When this sitcom rolled right into our lives with that catchy tune, 
(which made a great cell phone ring of happiness by the way!)
when the the pilot aired back in March 24, 2005 we were thrilled at it's perfect humor and clever jokes! For my husband and I had jobs at the call center which was exactly setup in the same way to relate to this sitcom. We spent that evening laughing so much! When I say it funny it's because I know people exactly like this show that makes it hit home with so many giggles! AND The way we are as Americans in these organized well dressed jobs shows the true colors, shows the fabric of our society. 
These are the days of working side by side with co-workers for 40 hours a week. Just like "The office" we are held to a certain standard of life. Showing forth these cubicals, these offices where
the "Cookie lady" and the "Tamale Lady" swings in to make a sale here and there from desk to desk. Where the phones are answered exactly the same over and over again, places were the boss will micro-manager or simply blow off any responsibility in the same busy week.
There's always the water cooler gossip and the coffee order run to fill each afternoon after the busy buzz of the mornings with all those phone conversations, order forms sent and faxes received. Everyone is making plans by 4:30pm to meet up somewhere for "Happy Hour". All those "clicks" of friends or not, all those office politics played out by the end of the work day we come home to watch shows like "The office" to know we are NOT alone! Then we laugh and drink tonight the late nights knowing the call of the business hour will greet us in the morning all to soon. So I would say that "The Office" was a sitcom perfectly written, setup in one of those new format of interviewing people one on one over the unfolding stories. This allowed even more laughter in clearly seeing how our lives are, how all our personalities can be expressed and captured on screen! If not for real life in all these offices this show would have nothing to go on! That laughter is all of us knowing how hysterical our lives really are!

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