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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Let me first say that this was a surprisingly good sitcom for the first 3 seasons.
     It is one of those comedies that should have stopped while they were ahead in all the laughs of their original ideas for the show. Where a single mother wants to maintain a high standard in her life just like she had before her husband died suddenly leaving her to figure out how to pay off her GAP card while still looking good. She tries to look and act like any other mother, but her thrill seeking self gets caught up into making a bit more money for her staged life style. In fact most people who live in neighborhoods like this are often staged without realizing sometimes. Also It could be my most favorite theme song of all the shows I've seen, For it reveals the truth in our modern first world of new things, of thinking jogging and non-fat lattes is somehow healthy. "Ticky tacky...." was a clever idea to shine a light on our growing greedy culture. When every comfort or survival need is met then this natural desire in seeking adventure, or finding thrilling situations to create a control drama, to find that deeper joy in being a live takes over. Sometimes we will even have time to ask those deeper questions, seeking other levels in enlightenment. "Weeds" is a story showing how pot works, how profitable and quite honestly how safe such a drug or as I would prefer to say "medicinal herbs" like those are in the end. ( One day soon marijuana will be legal here in America, just like with anything else confusing to our society once we learn about it more and see if it is harmless or not then we grow beyond our first opinion or quick judgement calls to simply learning more or maybe we just choose to chill out in that refreshing comfortable haze!)
    That first part in this original story line with comedy and drama mixed together, With "Pottery Barn" furniture, big screen TVs, nice cars and all those shiny appliances in the back ground while everyone gets stoned or like Nancy try to sell the stuff in clever ways.......Makes this show have a refreshing sense in raw honesty and even in accountability. 
The last episode of season 3 should of been the end in my opinion, because this show grew into just another annoying soap opera where they all come out JUST THE SAME.....

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