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Friday, October 4, 2013

Mad Men

This is a show that will transport you back across the decades to when our parents grew up! Deeply rich in colors and style I liked this show right away! Then in the last season it bombed into a million little pieces of hard to even know where the structure to this show went! 
Sad, when shows flops in it's last season but it happens and with "Mad Men" that first original idea which gave it the jump start into our lives came crashing down into any other day time soap opera. It was such a dark story by the very end, What I dreaded while watching that last season was that it dragged on into pointless directions...(it was also very sad ending with no real point by the way)
When I discovered "Mad Men" I ate up the dialogue and strategies in advertising, in the way life was back in the 1960's! It was stylish, it was all new and it was going somewhere! Back in those first couple of seasons I really admired this show and even followed interviews over how the writer wanted to capture the era before all those memories were lost. The way of life for home making mothers, or career seeking young ladies was vibrant in this show, the common knowledge most lunch hours were for the office men to be refreshed by their girlfriends in the city. It had me wondering once again why they take such an interesting show only to put the sexual drive above the rest of life unfolding. I wanted to learn more about all the ways they worked in the buzz of the office, in how they came up with clever catch phrases and how the famous consuming way of America got started! I guess after awhile they went more with the sex of the show then instead going with the whole deeper meanings in life of those times when civil rights arrived in full force and women demanded equal job titles. I would have watched this show for hours if it had stayed mostly in the office of advertising, along side national history but sadly I found myself grateful it all came to an end......In fact it has made me even more glad to live in the future! 

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