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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This is a sitcom of familiar humor to say the least! Larry David who produced "Seinfeld" started another sitcom showing more depth into his life and his unquiet ways.
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (or as I simply just call it "Curb." for short) is a hysterical show for me on a very personal level, Because it IS my whole life in reflection on screen! It is my marriage, it is my conversations and even my own jokes playing out right in front of me! I sat mouth hanging open the very first time I catch part of an episode of "Curb" Larry David says in a double date situation on screen "I never understood these wine people, How do you really know the bottle is any good? What you take a tiny sip or smell it and instantly know that it's good or bad? I mean what is that about?" I watch on in true deep profound AWE, exclaiming to myself "OH, MY, GOD! I am MARRIED to Larry David!!! 
(Only Tony doesn't have all that Seinfeld money...... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha")
      What a delight this show has been from day one, I have lived in each episode exactly and surprisingly I am still chuckling over ALL those real examples reflecting my everyday life! I shall always be in AWE of this show!
My husband likes this show also, he can see himself so clearly he will be choking out "HEY that is just like ME!" while we both burst out laughing and relating to same dialogue of our lives!
"Curb" has done a great job in the producing a story while trying to make it all feel ab-lived, letting the actors of the sitcom react naturally and speak freely which gives this cleverly done show a spontaneous feel to it.
ALL those social requirements, events held and normal socializing dialogue feels like someone has seen my own personal life unfold being married to Tony! It is AMAZING to me and inspiring to know I am not the only one with a questioning face when all is said and done! I never have laughed so hard in ANY other sitcom then with "Curb"!!!
     Like when Larry says to his wife "What level of anger am I facing here a 9 or 10?" she replies "about a 7." He grins "A 7! really? that's a pleasant drive home actually." 
HA! Hahahahaha oh yes I have been there!!! 
I see the humor in this show instantly at times when even I can't finish a cup of coffee without it shooting up my nose in my caught off guard laughter and this is what makes such a great sitcom in the end, the laughter, the clever honesty about real life and the relating stories in which we all find ourselves now and again!

"Debby come on please!" My husband begged and I frowned on annoyed. "NO." was all I could say at first without getting extremely mad. He sat a chair into the closet "PLEASE! just hide!" He continued on looking all sweetly at me while I hissed "It's an oven in there! Why can't you just tell the truth!" Now my husband had been working on speaking the truth because I was demanding it from him so he never had a chance to stay "passive aggressive" very long in our marriage back in the very beginning.....yet it was these moments in life I can't ever forget! For I have hundreds of moments all as funny and clever as my husband Tony!
"PLEASE! Just hide for God's sake!" He held the door open to our small condo laundry room I sighed shaking my head "I must be CRAZY! What the hell is WRONG with you!?!" I spatted all I could at him in my protest of the whole situation his lying to his friend got us in... as I sat in complete darkness trying to breath as sweat rolled down my face I thought to myself "Wait a second! 2 minuets ago I was napping on the the cold summer breeze of my open screen door!?!? When Tony flew through the front door exclaiming "QUICK! DEBBY! HIDE...Hide, hide, hide! I told Kelly you were at work and so he can't find you HERE!!!" I responded with a start from my sound asleep nap time..."What the fuck Tony! I was asleep!?!?" He grabbed my arm pushing me down the hallway "HURRY! he will be here any minuet now! You are suppose to be at work!" I bewildering headed into the bedroom responding "But I am not working today sooooo......WHY would you lie about THAT????" Tony stopped moving frantically for a moment knowing he would get an ass chewing from me if  I knew all the facts. I waited and watched on in a big frown as he explained "Wwwwwelllllllll, see Kel wanted me to go to a party but I didn't want to go so I told him while chatting outside on the phone that you were at work see, thinking this would put an end to me having to go with him since I need to pick you up soon.... but he then said "Okay I'm almost to Boise so I'll stop by for a second and hang out." I was all like "That's cool" but now YOU have to hide!" I stared on into my husband's quick story, this isn't the first time nor will be the last of crazy moments in my life as I sighed annoyingly going into to sit down hidden out of sight for maybe an hour or more thinking to myself ......Ooooh the things we do for love!?!?

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