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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keepind Up Appearances

During the 90's every Saturday night on PBS aired a British sitcom called "Keeping Up Appearances" in which I truly enjoyed! For some odd reason it all clicked with me, over what the show was about and how clever it all was! I was the only one in my family who really liked this show and often only got to watch it if no one else was around the TV at the time it was on. It became my very own show apart from everyone else as a young teenager growing up and I didn't care if I was teased for watching it because the short stories delighted me so much!
I loved being apart of Hyacinths Bucket's quest for perfection!
When I was dating my husband he shared how this show would play on repeat all night long while he was recovering in the hospital after his leg surgeries so he became a huge fan of it too! (What are the odds?) 
Now we own the whole collection and quote lines from it all the time! Even though it first aired in 1990 and ended in 1995 the show has that classic style of being timeless! I grew up surrounded by people who worried how they looked, how they acted so this show hit home to me instantly, relating always to the social levels and requirements we ALL have in order to "arrive successfully" yet no matter how much silver you may polish the honest way people are and how nothing is really in our complete control teaches us humility. While also showing us how to laugh ourselves and live on happily ever more! 

My husband loves stating to me "We sure make a good team, in fact... "I can't think of a couple whom I admire more." hahahahaha." 
YUP we love quoting this show all the time!

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